Who We Are

  • We are early- and growth-stage investors with a mission to discover and empower entrepreneurs who are reinventing the landscape of financial services through technology.
  • When we make an investment, we make a long-term commitment to our entrepreneurs. We play an active role in helping them build impactful businesses that make financial services more transparent, effective and affordable.

What We Stand For

  • We adhere to a disciplined, thesis-driven investment philosophy.
  • We demonstrate an attitude of service toward our entrepreneurs and investors.
  • We promote independent thought, intellectual curiosity and willingness to dissent.
  • We maintain a culture of transparency, empathy, support and growth.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We put people first and foremost.
  • We differentiate ourselves through our unparalleled sector expertise, vast network and ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs.
  • We leverage the resources and platform of our parent company Argo Group and its digital engine Argo Digital to provide commercial vetting of products and to assess emerging technologies.
  • We are a team of investors and operators. Our strong operational experience helps entrepreneurs navigate the complex and heavily regulated financial services environment.

Get In Touch

  • We are based in New York City at 413 W. 14th Street. Reach out to us at 212-607-8878 if you want to learn more.